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    Protect Home Values
    by preserving parks, trees, and open areas

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This view of White Rock Lake may
never be  seen again!!
Scroll down to see what will replace it unless you act
before November 14, 2012. (YES we will keep fighting after
November 14)
    Please call Councilmember Sheffie Kadane, or send him an email or letter
    asking him to stop the construction of the "Dallas" United Crew boathouse
    on the east side of White Rock Lake.  The following pictures and text
    explain the situation.  A sample email and contact information appears at
    the end of this post.  This is an urgent matter because the City Council will
    vote on this on November 14, 2012.  [YES we will keep fighting even if the
    City Council approves this.] The Park Board has already approved it.  More
    building in White Rock Lake Park destroys its natural beauty and affects
    home values in East Dallas.  Please act today. sample letter

    Unless you act quickly this beautiful vista will be
    replaced with the security gate seen below.  The gate
    will stand where the large trees are above.  Read
    more below to see how Highland Park's rowing team
    became "Dallas" United Crew and started this bad

    Beyond the security gate will lie the  barge-like
    boathouse pictured below. It will be about 293 feet
    long and about 195 feet wide.  No more lake view.
Proposed Boat House (294' x 195' approx.)

The aerial view below shows how huge this
boathouse will be.  Compare it to the existing
White Rock Boat Club (a sailing club) to the right.

The Highland Park rowing team HP Crew became
"Dallas"United Crew and convinced the Dallas Park
Board to bless this bad project.

    Until recently, the Highland Park rowing team, HP
    Crew, leased space in the White Rock Boathouse*--
    one of the largest such facilities in the United States.  
    See pictures above and below.
    The White Rock Boathouse is located
    near the spillway on the west side of
    White Rock Lake.  It is huge—306 feet
    long by 80 feet wide.  The photo below
    shows a side view.

    For some reason (altercation rumored), the Highland Park team lost its
    lease and is no longer at the White Rock Boathouse.  

    It is clear, however, that there is plenty of room for the Highland Park
    rowing team at the White Rock Boathouse.  

    Highland Park wants to build its own boat club on White Rock.  To do this,
    Highland Park rowing changed itself into “Dallas” United Crew.  The first
    thing that used to say was “HP Crew is now Dallas
    United Crew.”  It was changed recently, but you can see what it used to
    look like by clicking on this thumbnail:

    [* Note: White Rock Boat Club is the sailing club on the east side of the lake.   
    The White Rock Boathouse is the rowing facility located near the spillway.]


    Help us protect our home values by preserving park land.
In case you have not
heard, the City Council
voted FOR the DUC
Boathouse on 11/14.  We
have not revised this
website to reflect this
bad news.  Please keep
checking back for
updates and changes.